David Caird, Sommelier

About Us

OPUS:  any artistic work, specifically on a large scale.

CRU:  vineyard or group of vineyards, recognized for its quality.

As a play on words a crew is a group of people who work closely together towards a common goal. 

Culture, history, geography, travel, relaxation, conversation, friends & family…there is so much more to a glass of wine than just fermented grapes. But essentially wine is about people, their stories and their passion.

Sommelier, Owner & Founder David Caird has:

  • Worked in the hospitality industry for 12+ years.
  • Travels to wine regions world-wide.
  • Has learned the art, science and trade of Cooperage.
  • Conducted educational presentations at Algonquin College and the LCBO on wine barrels and how they impart flavor. 
  • Is Sommelier, WSET 2 Spirits, WSET 2 Wine, WSET 3 wine certified. Preparing for WSET 4 in London UK.
  • Member of the National Capital Sommelier Guild.
  • Works locally as an assistant winemaker, Sommelier and can be found in the vineyard working with hybrid vines.

Our goal is to impart knowledge so that you may be entertained and educated in all things relating to wine. Sharing our stories and wisdom with the hopes of imparting passion for wine is our mission.

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  OPUS CRU offers:

  • Corporate and private tastings & pairing
  • Menu and cellar work
  • Staff training
  • Regularly scheduled tasting events

For more information or to book one of our services, don't hesitate to connect with us. We look forward to sharing our love for wine with you. 

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